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Prehistory and Protohistory of India – Evaluation – Paleolithic – Non-Harappan Gemstone Culture is a social history book by V.K. Jain.

book summary

This title provides a concise yet comprehensive syncretic view of current information on a number of features such as tools and techniques, patterns of settlement and existence, ecological context, and distributional composition from the Stone Age and Chalcolithic cultures outside the Harapan Zone. present it in a meaningful way. The megalithic cultures of the Indian Peninsula and the Deccan are also detailed in this monograph. Recent excavations, new dating practices, and the continued expansion of conceptual context since the 1950s have significantly changed perceptions of the prehistoric and early history of the Indian subcontinent. Related to this, in addition to the text, there is also a glossary of terms used in archaeology, maps, line drawings, and descriptive information for individual sites.

Prehistory and Protohistory of India by V.K Jain is a very useful book for undergraduate and graduate students in History and Archeology. This book provides a detailed account of the cultures of the Stone Age, covering the period from the Paleolithic to the Chalcolithic culture. Detailed explanations of websites and other terms are very helpful in making notes. Illustrations are also very helpful. There are maps of prehistoric sites, giving readers the geographic flair that history students need. Overall, a very good reference for history students.


About V.K. Jain

Dr. v. K. Jain is a prominent Indian writer and scholar. Other titles he has edited include:

Fire Safety in Buildings, Dictionary of Electronics, Pump Theory and Practice, Switching Theory and Digital Electronics, and Basic Computer His Programming.

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