Kindly note that it is not compulsory to make a donation to the website for its membership. Donation option is open to the user in India and abroad who want to contribute to the website.

Nana Ronger Itihas has hired the service of two student to compile information and post it in Nana Ronger Itihas, send WhatsApp message on day-to-day basis and manage the social networking profiles. Again, you all know that managing a website cost in terms of Manpower, Software, Web Hosting, Bandwidth and DNS that cannot be avoided. It also involves costs to promote the branding and popularity, to incorporate some other interactive services and so on. So, we seek active donation / contribution sponsorship / advertisement from our well-wishers. Firstly, your donation / contribution / sponsorship / advertisement will help the Nana Ronger Itihas website to run smoothly and secondly, we will also help you in return in every possible way. A minimum donation / contribution / sponsorship / advertisement of Rs. 100/- (six hundred only) or $10 USD will be accepted. However, higher donation / contribution / sponsorship / advertisement is highly desirable. All donors / sponsorer / contributors / advertisers will be provided with the option of having their name publicly associated with their donation / contribution / sponsorship / advertisement amount. Each donor name will also be broadcasted over Nana Ronger Itihas, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for every Rs. 100 donations. Further, all donors / sponsorer / contributors / advertisers name and number of donation / contribution / sponsorer / advertisers will be included in our Nana Ronger Itihas Sponsors Page ( ). You can also maintain your privacy by not mentioning your name.

Kindly deposit the amount through cash / cheque / core / internet banking / ATM Transfer / Mobile Banking in the account Name: Subham Ch Shil, Account No.: 508310110001832, Bank:  Bank of India, Branch: Tufanganj, IFSC Code: BIKD0005083.

i) Cash / Cheque Deposit: You can deposit the amount in cash / cheque in any branches of Bank of India.

ii) Internet / Mobile Banking: You can deposit the amount through internet / Mobile banking.

iii) ATM Transfer: If you have internet banking, you can also transfer the required amount through ATM.

iv) Money Order / Demand Draft / Cheque: Payable in favour of Mr. Subham Ch Shil Payable at Tufanganj and then post it to Mr. Subham Ch Shil, Mansai-736159, West Bengal, India.

After depositing the required amount, please email us at subham(dot)tfg9(at)gmail(dot)com or nritihas(at)gmail(dot)com. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email about your contribution.