A Chronicle of India’s Diplomatic Engagements: Unraveling the Significance of Treaties and Agreements

Year Treaty/Agreement Parties Involved Outcome 621 CE Harshavardhana’s Alliance with Xuanzang Harshavardhana, Emperor of Kannauj and Xuanzang, Chinese Buddhist traveler Prithviraj Chauhan, King of Ajmer, and Muhammad of Ghor 712 CE Treaty of Pranavati Lalitaditya Muktapida, King of Kashmir and Arab Caliph Ended the Arab raids on Kashmir and established a trade relationship between the

Archaeological Insights into Gendered Labor Practices in the Early Human Past

Beyond “Man the Hunter” and “Woman the Gatherer”: A New Understanding of Gender Roles in Prehistoric Societies Challenging Gendered Labor Narratives in Prehistoric Times: A Physiological and Archaeological Perspective The long-held notion that prehistoric men were the hunters and women the gatherers is deeply ingrained in our cultural consciousness. This “Man the Hunter” narrative, often