Amazon Invests in the Next Generation of AI Talent with Free Training and Scholarships

Amazon Launches “AI Ready” Initiative to Empower 2 Million People with AI Skills

In a significant step towards democratizing artificial intelligence (AI) education, Amazon has unveiled its ambitious “AI Ready” initiative. This comprehensive program aims to equip 2 million individuals worldwide with foundational AI skills by 2025, fostering a future workforce equipped to harness the power of AI for positive impact.

At the heart of the “AI Ready” initiative lies a collection of over 80 AI courses, including eight introductory courses offered entirely free of charge. These self-paced, online courses cater to a diverse range of learners, from aspiring AI professionals to individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skillset.

The initiative extends beyond mere coursework, encompassing scholarship opportunities and partnerships with educational platforms to ensure widespread accessibility. Recognizing the growing demand for AI expertise across industries, Amazon’s initiative aligns with a study by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which revealed that 73% of employers actively seek AI-skilled professionals. This demand is further underscored by the fact that AI professionals command salaries 47% higher than their counterparts.

“Artificial intelligence is the most transformative technology of our generation,” remarked Swami Sivasubramaniam, Vice President of Data and AI at Amazon Web Services. “If we are to harness the potential of AI to solve the world’s most pressing problems, AI education must be open to all.”

The “AI Ready” initiative embodies Amazon’s commitment to bridging the AI skills gap and empowering individuals to thrive in the AI-driven future. By providing comprehensive, accessible, and free AI training, Amazon is paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative world powered by AI.

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