CC-7 History of India-1757-1857A.D || UG History Suggestion

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History of India-1757-1857A.D (Society,
Economy, Cultural development, Revolt
during British rule, Constitutional
Developments)||UG History Suggestion

CBCS SYLLABUS OF CU(University of Calcutta), WBSU (WEST BENGAL STATE UNIVERSITY), KU (University of Kalyani), VU( Vidyasagar University), BU( The University of Burdwan), BKU (Bankura University), CBPBU (Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma Univirsity), NBU ( University of North Bengal), KNU ( Kazi Nazrul University), SKBU (Sidho – Kanho- Birsha University) etc. History Notes & History Suggestion


History B.A. Honours 4th Semester




1. Discuss the Spread of Western education in India till 1857.

2. Evaluate the role of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in making of Modern India.
What were his limitations?

3. Attempt an analytical review of Bengal renaissance in the 19th

4. Assess the contributions of the Young Bengal in the growth of
Bengali consciousness in the first of 19th Century.

5. Make an assessment of the Anglicist-Orientalist controversy in 19th
Century Bengal.

6. Evaluate the role of Vidyasagar as a social reformer.

10. What were the main provisions of the Act of 1833? Discuss in brief
the importance of the Act.

11. Discuss the position of women in India during your period of

12. Assess the contributions of the Christian Missionaries in
spreading education in India.

13.  Evaluate the contributions
of Brahma Samaj in the Socio-religious reform movement during the 19th century.


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1. Evaluate the contribution of Vidyasagar in the emancipation of

2. Examine the features and limitations of the Regulating Act of 1773.

3. Write a note on the growth of press in India till 1857.

4. Discuss the nature of the Anglicist and Orientalist controversy in
19th Century Bengal.

5. Evaluate the contributions of Raja Rammohan Roy in making of modern

6. Analyze the limitations of the 19th century Bengal Renaissance.



1.  Write a short note on ‘Wood’s Despatch’. 

2. Write a short note
on the Charter Act of 1833. 

3. Evaluate the
contributions of the Young Bengal Movement.

4. Write a short note
on Sati.

5. Discuss in brief
the Pitt’s India Act of 1784.

6. Write a note on
Macaulay’s Minutes.

7. Write a short note
on Farazi Movement.


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1.  Who was the first Governor-General of India?

2.  In which year Supreme Court was established at

3.  When was Calcutta Madrasa founded?

4.  When was Hindu College founded?

5.  When was St. Xavier’s College founded?

6.  Who was known as liberator of Indian Press?

7.  Who was the editor of ‘Samachar Chandrika’?

8.  Who founded ‘Tattvabodhini Sabha’?

9.  Which was the first Indian Newspaper by

10.  Who founded ‘Atmiya Sabha’?

11.  When was Widow Remarriage Act passed?

12.  Who founded ‘Naba Bidhan Brahma Samaj’?

13.  Who was the editor of the Bengal Gazette?

14.  Who was the founder of Calcutta Madrassa?

15.  Who founded the Asiatic Society and in which

16. When did Fort
William College establish?

17. Who was the 1st
President of Board of Control?

19. Which Act
abolished the monopoly of trade of East India Company?

20. Who abolished
slavery in India and in which year?

21. Who wrote

22. When was Widow
remarriage Act passed?

23. When the Calcutta
Medical College was founded?

24. Who was the
editor of ‘Samachar Chandrika’?

25. Who was known as
liberator of Indian Press?

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