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Q. What is the basic course of Reformation?
Or, What was the Reformation?
Question: – What was the cause and context of the religious reform movement in Europe?
Or, write what you know about the religious reform movement in Europe?
Or, talk about the religious reform movement in Europe?
Or, discuss Martin Luther’s contribution to the religious reform movement in Europe?
Or, why is Martin Luther famous?
Or, what is the Protestant Reform Movement?

Answer: – The cause and context of the protest religion reform movement in Europe were formed in the activities of the Christian Church till the beginning of the sixteenth century and on the other hand in the direction of the Renaissance. Although the Reformation movement took on a historic form through the protests of Martin Luther, the spirit of protest was formed long ago. John Wycliffe of England was martyred as a result of church persecution in protest of the church’s iniquities. That is why he is known as the Morning star of the Reformation. Giordana Bruno of Italy protested against the church and eventually died. By the end of the Middle Ages, the Christian Church had reached the peak of lawlessness and oppression. Cardiacs, archbishops, bishops, and not only were accustomed to luxurious and comfortable lives, but they were also immersed in lawlessness, injustice, and various kinds of unjust acts. Protests against all these injustices took place in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. But the protests of Martin Luther and Jankalvin were much stronger, creating a new religious revolution in Europe.

The exploitation and greed of the church were important as the cause of the religious reform movement. Ordinary people used to pay religious tax to the church in the name of ‘Tithe’ for worldly interests. The church also raised money for weddings, birthdays, funerals, and ceremonies. But the situation turned into a massive protest when the papacy, signed by the pope, began to be sold. When a preacher named Tedzel started selling indulgences in Wittenberg, Germany, he went down in protest of Martin Luther and this protest started the Protestant Reformation movement.

The cause of the religious reform movement was rooted in the overall development of the Renaissance. If it is possible to establish a strong humanism, then the question arises in the minds of rational people about the power of the human church and in that context the power of the church for worldly happiness and peace. Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo their discoveries gave people the courage to protest against the injustices of the Church, based on the new knowledge they gained about the earth and nature. Man’s fancy knowledge of the shape of the earth and the position of the earth and the sun in space calls into question the unjust-centered authority of the Church. As a result, new rationalism developed in Europe, and humanism, naturalism, and scientific gradually developed. This new expression of human thought and philosophy in the sixteenth century ensured the emergence, growth, and philosophical establishment of the protest movement or the religious reform movement.

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