Yalta Conference | याल्टा सम्मेलन


Question:-    What was the significance of the Yalta Conference.
Or, Consequences of the Yalta Conference.
Or,      What was the purpose of the Yalta conference?
Or,      What was the Potsdam conference?
Or,      What was the significance of the 1945 Yalta conference?
Or,      What was the long-term impact of the Yalta conference?

Answer: – 

As the collapse of the Axis Powers in World War II was imminent, a Trinity conference was held in Yalta, Soviet Russia on February 4-11, 1945. The organizers and signatories of the conference were three world leaders – Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. An important step in this conference was to take special measures to control Japan’s military activities in the East and to decide to completely eliminate Nazi influence from that country by dividing Germany. But the underlying conflicts and ideological differences between the three major world powers have undermined the purpose of the conference. That is why the conference gave birth to a new polarization in world politics from which the world and the communist camp, which are two rival powers, emerged in the near future. Yalta’s subsequent events make it clear that Yalta failed to address important international issues and that failure triggered a protracted Cold War the next day.

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